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Characterization and performance tests of footwear and components

Shoe manufacturing involves various types of raw materials, components, and supplies. Several operations are carried out in the manufacturing process, such as joining the sole (lower portion of the shoe, including the outsole, heel, mounting insole and cleaning insole) to the uppers (upper part of the shoe, including the part made of leather or other materials) which is done by gluing, direct injection, vulcanization, or other means.

IPT offers physicomechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical, and biological tests to evaluate materials (raw materials and components), shoes in processing and finished shoes, which may be analyzed later to ascertain their performance, aging, comfort, and durability. These tests are based on national and international standards or on methods developed according to the clients’ needs.
The tests offered are:

  • Tests on materials and components for shoe manufacturing: synthetic laminates, non-woven fabrics, footwear fabric, ornamental metals, shoelaces, toes, counter, lining, uppers, cleaning, cushioned and mounting insoles, outsoles, soles, heels, metal or plastic plates, steel, composite and plastic tips, insoles of aramid fiber or other materials to protect against puncturing, tapes, reinforcement, zippers, fasteners, Velcro, rubber bands, eyelets, shoe packaging, etc.
  • Tests on footwear, shoes, boots, army boots, sneakers, sport shoes, dress shoes, men’s, women’s and military shoes.

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