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Experimental evaluation of automated fiber placement manufacturing parameters

Alex Camilli Bottene; Wellington Lombardo Nunes de Mello; Rynaldo Zanotele Hemerly de Almeida


Composites are being continually used to fulfill nowadays demands for lighter and high performance parts. Automated Fiber Placement is being used as a technique to archive best results to manufacture complex composite parts. However, the process induces some defects in laminate, such as Gaps, Overlaps and tow drops. This work studied the correlation between manufacturing main parameters: feedrate, tow temperature, tow tension and compaction pressure; and laminate defects. Tests have revealed that it is possible to control the parameters to avoid such defects.

BOTTENE, Alex Camilli, MELLO, Wellington Lombardo Nunes de; ALMEIDA, Rynaldo Zanotele Hemerly de. Experimental evaluation of automated fiber placement manufacturing parameters. In: BRAZILIAN CONFERENCE ON COMPOSITE MATERIALS, BCCM, 1., 2012, Natal. Proceedings... 6 p.