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IPT Fraunhofer IPK get connected

Fraunhofer IPK visited IPT in São Paulo and delivered a letter of intent regarding cooperation in the subject of digital transformation

The Institute for Technological Research (IPT) received on the morning of August 22nd the researcher David Carlos Domingos, who represents Fraunhofer IPK (Berlin, Germany) in its activities in Brazil. There was some discussion regarding possible cooperation R&D projects, and Domingos visited several laboratories of IPT, such as the ones in the Center for Metallurgical and Materials Technologies, the Bionanomanufacturing Center and the Center for Information Technology, Automation and Mobility. The goal of the visit was to deliver a signed letter of intent regarding technical cooperation between the two institutes, focusing on Industry 4.0 and Smart & Sustainable Cities.

David Domingos (right) and Fernando Landgraf at the ceremony
Present projects of both institutes were discussed, making it clear that the activities are complementary. As an example, IPT works in the development of new materials and with final product applications, and IPK works in the development of new equipment and manufacturing technologies. A real case of cooperation might be related to Additive Manufacturing, with IPT developing new metallic powders for 3D printers and IPK making sure that the 3D printing process is optimized.

The cooperation will include three other Fraunhofer sites (FOKUS, HHI e IZM), all participating in the Berlin Center for Digital Transformation. The Lighweight Structures Laboratory, located in the city of São José dos Campos, will be visited by Domingos in the near future.