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Galvanized and epoxy paint rebars in concrete structures as additional protection against their corrosion

Adriana de Araujo; Zehbour Panossian


The coating of carbon steel rebars in reinforced concrete structures is a technique for corrosion protection widespread in many countries. It is usually adopted in works of great responsibility, especially those which the structure is exposed to a strong aggression environment. As with other protection techniques, it is suitable for structures with restricting of maintenance and in precast concrete (colored or non colored concrete). In general, the coating is done by hot dip galvanization or by applying epoxy paint (Epoxy Bond Fusion - FBE). These two types of coating are presented in this paper, being important parameters related to production and capacity corrosion protection provided to concrete structures discussed;

ARAUJO, A; PANOSSIAN, Z. Galvanição e pintura epoxídica de armaduras de estruturas de concreto como proteção adicional contra a sua corrosão. In: CONFERÊNCIA SOBRE TECNOLOGIA DE EQUIPAMENTOS, COTEQ, 11., 2011, Porto de Galinhas. Anais...

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