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Human factors aspects in test cases formalization

Bruno Panicucci Pinheiro de Castro; Plinio Thomaz Aquino Jr. (CET)


This article describles a method capable of automate the process of case tests documentation, using as its implantation format, a flexible approach where companies gradually adopt the method's characteristics and requirements. The research and its experiments follows a usability testing approach, focused in human factors to build the test data. The method's execution occurs through business requirements documentation based on scenarios. These data are classified and organized in order to obtain standard testable objects. These items are documented in test cases and the process starts again using the test case as basis. The cyclic process repeats until the test conditions have been validated.

CASTRO, Bruno Panicucci Pinheiro de; AUINO JR., Plinio Thomaz. Human factors aspects in test cases formalization. In: INTERNATIONAL CONGERENCE ON APPLIED HUMAN FACTORS AND ERGONOMICS, 6., AHFE 2015 and AFFILIATE CONFERENCE, Nevada. Proceedinges... AHFE, 2015. 8 p.