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Finite element simulation for fire resistance test in concrete panel

Henrique Bandeira Faccio


Computational simulation is a feasible way to forecast thermal response in fire resistance test for concrete structures. The fire resistance test consists in to validate samples in standard fire situation, verifying its integrity and thermal insulation criteria. Based on these aspects, this paper aims to conduct a comparative study of results of temperature obtained from a finite element simulation with a fire resistance test performed for a precast concrete panel. Then, it is performed a preliminary validation for the computational model of the precast concrete panel tested in order to check thermal insulation criteria.


Faccio, Henrique Bandeira. Freitas Neto, Francisco Belchior; Medeiros, Carlos Alberto . Simulação de elementos finitos para ensaio de resistência ao fogo em painel de concreto. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE CONCRETO, 57., 2015, Bonito, MS. Anais... 15 p.