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Innovation in integrated ticketing and payment systems : scenario in Europe and Brazil

Guido Di Pasquale; Monica Gianni; Alessandro Santiago dos Santos; Adriano Galindo Leal


This paper introduces some innovative solutions implemented in the field of urban public transport ticketing and fare management in Europe and Brazil. The solutions and technologies used are being analyzed and benchmarked in the context of Viajeo PLUS project, co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme. Viajeo PLUS is committed to identifying promising good practices implemented in Europe, Latin America, China and Singapore. This project is focused on efficient mobility management, deployment of clean vehicle solutions, innovative public transport solutions, enabling infrastructure, sustainable city logistics solutions. Among its objectives, is the sharing of such good practices through case studies, showcases, and capacity building, fostering collaboration between the regions mentioned above and Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC).

Pasquale, Guido Di; Gianni, Monica ; Santos, Alessandro Santiago dos ; Leal, Adriano Galindo . Innovation in integrated ticketing and payment systems : scenario in Europe and Brazil. In: WORLD CONGRESS AND EXHIBITON ON INTELLEGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS AND SERVICES, 22., 2015, Bordeaux. Paper number ITS-1175. 9 p.

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