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Laboratory evaluation of geotextile performance for turbidity reduction

Sofia Julia Campos; Caio Pompeu Cavalhieri; Omar Yazbek Bitar; Amarilis Lucia Casteli Figueiredo Gallardo; Geraldo Figueiredo de Carvalho Gama Junior; Marissa Chiarelli de Alvarenga; E. B. Soares; André Luiz Ferreira; L. S. Girnius


The performance of a silt fence used extensively at a highway construction site in São Paulo, Brazil, was evaluated based on its turbidity reduction ability. Two slurry mixtures were created using two site-specific soils and were subjected to cycles of simulated runoff events under controlled conditions in a laboratory flume. Two series of tests were run to assess the instantaneous filtration performance and its correlation to the flow rate through the geotex-tile fabric. Moreover, the performance of the tested fence was evaluated for each run. In general, the tested fence presented significant results in reducing turbidity both instantaneously and globally. In addition, the highest turbidity reduction performances were observed for the lowest flow-through rates.

CAMPOS, Sofia Julia Alves Macedo; CAVALHIERI, Caio Pompeu; BITAR, Omar Yazbek; GALLARDO, Amarilis Lucia Casteli Figueiredo; GAMA JR., Geraldo Figueiredo de Carvalho; ALVARENGA, Marissa Chiarelli de; SOARES, E.B.; FERREIRA, André Luiz; GIMIUS, L.S. Laboratory evaluation of geotextile performance for turbidity reduction. In: CONGRESS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT, 11.; 2010, Auckland, New Zeland. Proceedings... Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2010. Cd-Room.

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