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Technical advice, inspection and certification of oil and gas metering systems

Oil and natural gas are vital sources of energy in practically every country in the world. Every day, millions of cubic meters of oil, derivates, natural gas, condensates and petrochemical products pass through production, transport, refining and distribution installations.

These strategic and high added-value products are quantified using flow-metering systems. The main function of a flow metering system in the oil industry is to allow for accurate and dependable measurements of product volumes, using duly calibrated and controlled equipment and universally recognized measurement techniques that will ensure levels of dependability and uncertainty that are acceptable for the measurement of transaction volumes.

To comply with the requirements of the Technical Rules for Measurement of Oil and Gas approved by Joint Regulation No. 1 of ANP / INMETRO, IPT performs on-shore and off-shore inspection services for complete certification of oil and gas metering systems under real operating conditions, in order to guarantee the accuracy of measurements in every step of the process of production, transport, transfer and distribution of these products.

IPT also supplies technical support for the specification, design, manufacture, installation, calibration and start-up of oil and gas metering systems; drawing up of measuring and calibration procedures for gauges, sensors and parameter transmitters; certification of flow computers, and evaluation of metering uncertainties based on GUM guidelines and the ISO 5168 standard.

IPT’s technical team acts as a third party both in Brazil and abroad, supplying technical services in fluid metrology to the following areas of the oil and natural gas industry:

  • Production of the E&P of Petrobras, Shell, Devon and others
  • Transport for Transpetro and for TBG
  • Distribution for utilities such as COMGÁS, SCGÁS and MSGAS
  • Gas-fired thermoelectric power plants
  • Manufacturers of instruments and measuring systems
  • Specialist companies and others