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Report or technical opinion for the leather, footwear and PPE industry

Several situations require decisions to be made on technical matters in the absence of information or knowledge about these subjects.

In these situations, IPT can help by providing consultation through technical reports or opinions on a given subject about which it is knowledgeable.

The LCPP can offer help in situations involving matters relating to leather, footwear, leather goods, and PPE – personal protective equipment.

The following are examples of such situations:

  • Assistance to companies and institutions applying for financing to justify the purchase of machinery and facilities; proof of assets; matters involving the importation of raw materials in a duty drawback regime which require the calculation of material consumption and scraps from manufacturing; fiscal auditing; proof of production capacity for participation in bidding processes; tax classification of products, and technical questions in business relationships, among others.
  • Assistance to companies and government agencies to clarify technical matters, such as questions that emerge in lawsuits and in labor disputes, and questions concerning PPE.