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Production of experimental batches of bioproducts

Bioproducts created from enzymes or selected or recombined microorganisms can be cultured in rotating incubators (shakers) or in bioreactors of different volumes and capacities. These incubators enable experiments to be performed at controlled temperatures and shaking frequency. Bioreactors, in addition to the above, allow for the control of pH, level, foam and dissolved oxygen concentration in the culture medium, by means of variable agitation and aeration, as well as mass balance of the reactors’ entry and exit gases. These controls yield more homogeneous batches and ensure the required product characteristics.

IPT has rotating incubators with various capacities and bioreactors (CSTR and air-lift) with volumes varying from 0.5 to 100 liters, which can be operated in discontinuous, discontinuous feed or continuous mode, for experimental production of batches of products and production protocol tests. The properties and characteristics of bioproducts can also be evaluated using the analytical infrastructure already installed in the laboratories.

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