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Reports and opinions for the chemical and processing industries

Industrial companies need reports and opinions for a variety of purposes, from the identification of process problems to compliance with regulations of government agencies.

IPT has technical qualifications and laboratory resources to issue conclusive reports and opinions based on expert investigations, tests, analyses and evaluation of processes and products, enabling companies to comply with legal requirements.

Examples of activities in this area are:

  • Technical evaluation of the need for uninterrupted work, for labor law application, as set forth under Labor Ministry Regulation MTb/GM N.3.118, Art. 2, section a) (DOU-II 5.4.89 - LTr 53/855) of 03 Apr 1989;
  • Technical analysis regarding reduced rest or meal breaks for labor law application, as set forth under Labor Ministry Regulation MTb/GM N.3.116, Art. 2°, section a) (DOU-II 5.4.89 - LTr 53-7/854) of 03 Apr 1989;
  • Tax classification of chemical and polymer products traded by the customer, as per the Common External Tariff (TEC);
  • Evaluation of materials and products employed in productive processes as regards classification (raw material, intermediary material, consumables and products) for purposes of tax benefits;
  • Calculation of losses in productive processes, including determination of losses in the draw-back system;
  • Calculation of losses of polymer material nonreusable in production processes;
  • Designation of technical terms;
  • Inspection of polymer materials by attributes, as per ABNT NBR sampling standard;
  • Chemical identification of materials that stain polymer product surfaces;
  • Technical evaluation of the manufacturing process of recycled polymer material;
  • Evaluation of strength of dental materials;
  • Technical evaluation of polymer materials for public tender and legal purposes;
  • Evaluation of anomalies in rupture areas in hoses for umbilical cables in medical-hospital products.