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Development, evaluation and optimization of metal and alloy refining and preparation processes

Production of metallic alloys involves numerous refining and preparation processes such as:

  • Melting in gas, oil, induction or electric furnaces;
  • Vacuum melting and preparation;
  • Refining in reactors to remove impurities by treatment with reactive gases, slag and reagents.

Many factors, both technical and economic, must be considered when defining the most suitable process for a specific application.

Moreover, technological advances in preparation and refining processes may result in product quality improvements and cost reductions. Therefore, the development or improvement of processes is essential to maintain competitiveness in the market.

IPT performs technical and economic evaluations of ferrous and non-ferrous alloy refining and preparation processes to optimize or even develop such processes. This work ranges from physicochemical modeling to development on a laboratory and pilot scale. To this end, the Institute has a qualified team to evaluate, model and design refining and preparation processes, aided by thermodynamic software and equipment with melting and refining capacity of 1 to 1000 kg, such as vacuum, induction, electric, electron beam, and slag electrofusion furnaces, among others.