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Microprecision dimensional and geometrical metrology

Dimensional and geometrical measurement and characterization of parts and components

The Microprecision Dimensional Metrology and Metrotomography Laboratory offers calibration of length artifacts with very low uncertainties and dimensional measurement of parts and components:

  • Length artifacts: gauges block, step gauge, length bar, ball plate, hole plate, ball bar.
  • Measurement and evaluation of dimensional and geometrical features on prismatic parts: GPS / GD&T characteristics such as size, position, perpendicularity, parallelism, circularity, flatness, run-out.
  • Measurement and evaluation of features of concern on complex geometries: gear measurement and evaluation, cylindrical and conical threads, cutting tools geometry, spray holes in injection nozzles.
  • Measurement and evaluation of features of concern on free-form surfaces: medical and dental instrumentation, stents, orthopedic prosthesis, medical and dental implants, correction lenses.
  • Contour and roughness measurement by physical contact or laser: flat, concave or convex surfaces on hard and soft parts (contact sensitive).
  • Measurement and evaluation of micro-features and micro-mechanisms: micro-holes, micro-gears, micro-threads, micro-pumps, micro-motors, micro-switchers.
  • Reverse engineering of prismatic parts and free-form surfaces: die casting, plastic injection molds.

Potential business branches: automakers; energy; electronics; dental, medical and biomedical; plastics; woven fabrics.