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Calibration of electricity measuring standards and instruments

The Electromagnetic Metrology Laboratory (LME) provides calibration services of electricity measuring standards and instruments:

  • AC and DC voltage measurements: standard cell, voltage source, voltage meter (multimeter).
  • AC and DC current measurements: current source, current meter (multimeter), current shunt, current coil, weld checker.
  • AC and DC high-voltage measurements: high-voltage divider, high-voltage probe, hipot tester, kilovolt meter.
  • Resistance measurements: standard resistor, resistive decade, resistance meter (multimeter).
  • Capacitance measurements: fixed value capacitor, variable value capacitor (decade), capacitance meter.
  • Indutance measurements: fixed value inductor, variable value inductor (decade), indutance meter.
  • AC and DC power: power source, active and reactive power meter, wattmeter.
  • Phase angle and power factor measurements: waveform generator, phase meter, cosine meter, power factor meter.
  • Temperature measurements: temperature simulator and indicator for resistance thermometer and thermocouple.