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Metrological X-ray computed tomography

Dimensional and geometrical characterization of parts and structures

The Microprecision Dimensional Metrology and Metrotomography Laboratory offers metrology services of complex parts and components using X-ray computed tomography:

  • Non-destructive measurement and evaluation of internal and external structures for metallic and non-metallic components: mechanical parts and components in general.
  • Measurement and evaluation of features of concern on complex geometries: cylindrical gears functional parameters, cylindrical and conical threads functional parameters, cutting tools geometry, spray holes in injection nozzles.
  • Comparison of point cloud measured by X-ray computed tomography against nominal CAD model: mechanical parts and components in general.
    X-ray computed tomography applied to the development process of toothbrushes (Courtesy: Werth Messtechnik GmbH)
  • Reverse engineering of prismatic parts and free-form surfaces: die casting, plastic injection molds, metallic and non-metallic parts in general.
  • Detection and analysis of inner defects in materials (cavities, cracks, discontinuities): woven fabrics, foams, insulators, woods, ceramics, stone, sintering and conglomerate alloys.
  • Inspection of components and mechanisms in general: electronics devices, electric appliances, magnetic devices, medical devices, informatics equipment, automotive parts, plastics parts.

Potential business branches: automakers; energy; electronics; dental, medical and biomedical; plastics; woven fabrics.