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Evaluation of packaging performance

IPT performs simulative tests of the distribution environment: logistical chain, final use and post-consumer destination.

IPT can perform tests according to specific legislation and domestic, international or corporate regulations. Tests may be recommended for a specific packaging according to its characteristics and distribution environment (transportation modes, storage systems and handling equipment).

IPT’s routine tests include:

  • vibration tests – simulation of road or air transport, repetitive impacts, resonance tests;
  • shock tests – free fall, programmed shock, rotational drop, fall on uneven floors, lateral impacts, etc;
  • compression tests – static or dynamic, with uniform or concentrated load distribution, parallel or hinged plates, centered load or shear load, combined or not with climate tests;
  • climate tests – simulation of truck or container transport environment, simulation of cooled or reefer environments, simulation of environments with extreme temperature and humidity for accelerated tests or environments that reproduce conditions foreseen for long duration, such as shelf-life tests;
  • Specific tests – according to the sensitivity of the packaged product (rain, internal pressure, vacuum, dust, stability, chemical compatibility with the contents, lifting, strength of handles and handling areas, thermal insulation, heat transmission rate, volume capacity, etc).
Test procedures can be developed to evaluate the performance of special aspects of specific packaging.