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Optical instrument calibration

Several industrial sectors employ optical measuring instruments in their processes and, to ensure the quality and conformity of the products, they must be kept calibrated. Furthermore, calibration is a normal requirement in quality systems, such as ISO 9000 or similar systems.

IPT performs calibrations of various magnitudes, including the use of reference materials with liquids with known refraction rates. The main calibrations offered are:

  • Luximeters
  • Photometers
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Radiation sources (bulbs)
  • Optical transmittance and wavelength filters
  • Radiation thermometers
  • Optical pyrometers
  • Refractometers – ABBE / degree Brix
  • Standards for refraction index
  • Luminance meters
  • Lensometers
  • Laser radiation sources
  • Laser power meters (Radiometers)