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Dynamic corrosion tests and tests in autoclaves

IPT's Laboratory for Corrosion and Protection has loops and autoclaves, to perform dynamic tests focused on studies related to internal corrosion of pipelines, reactors and storage tanks both at room temperature and pressure and at high temperature and pressure.
Corrosion loop used, among others, for studies of multiphase flux system and for testing devices for monitoring the internal corrosion of pipelines

This infrastructure, including Hastelloy-made and glass-made loops and autoclaves, allows performing laboratory tests using high salinity solutions, with injection of CO2 and H2S gases which are the pre-salt condition. It is possible to perform tests for the selection of corrosion inhibitors and H2S scavengers used in oil and gas industry and to verify the corrosivity of ethanol fuel and of biodiesel. Internal pipe monitoring devices can also be tested and qualified using the loops and autoclaves.

The glass-made loop is intended for testing metallic materials in very aggressive liquids such as concentrated sulfuric acid. This loop is completely automated which ensures the safety of the researchers.

Some loops and autoclaves are designed to carry out testing allowing the electrochemical corrosion monitoring during dynamic tests.

  • Dynamic corrosion tests and tests in autoclaves