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Evaluation, quality control and preparation of specifications for wood and wood products

IPT characterizes and evaluates wood and wood products, performing physical and mechanical tests as well as botanical identification, in which technical aspects such as structural safety are considered. In the case of wooden structures, IPT may recommend their redimensioning considering geometric and dimensional characteristics of their elements, as well as fixing systems.

These evaluations include products such as beams, poles, crosspieces, sleepers, fence-posts, pallets, floors, doors, wooden panels, and wood joints fastened with mechanical or chemical connectors.

The Institute also prepares technical specifications for wood used in applications defined by clients, including selection, terminology, general requirements, dimensions and defects.

IPT performs wood inspections and quality control of wood products according to specifications and standards indicated by clients. These inspections include examining the material to determine wood species, humidity content, and dimensions and tolerances for natural and processing defects, assuring the conformity of the specified material.