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Urban Trees

Currently there are no proper criteria to correctly diagnose the biological condition of trees (occurrence of termites, rotting fungi and wood beetles) and the risk of falling trees. This situation can lead to serious risks, since trees without proper handling are more subject to falling during storms and strong winds.

Focusing on the diagnosis of biodeterioration processes and risk analysis of tree falls, IPT has developed research and offers technological services for municipal governments and other clients, based on four approaches:

Diagnosis and risk analysis of urban tree falling

This diagnosis involves external analysis and nondestructive prospection. Tree biology and surrounding area conditions are analyzed and dendrometric characteristics are investigated. Based on this information, trees are classified by their risk of falling, according to a mathematical model based on the principles of biomechanics.

Transfer of knowledge for tree evaluation
The knowledge acquired by IPT can be transferred to the professionals responsible for urban trees by means of theoretical and practical courses.

Development of software for tree management
Information collected about trees is stored on suitable and reliable software, which allows for management of the city’s trees, a listing of all trees, and preparation of management reports and handling recommendations.

Consultancy on urban trees
Help in setting up management, tree planting plans and legislation, as well as definition of a master plan for each municipality.