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Evaluation and monitoring of the biotic environment for companies

Environmental changes caused by human activity require interpretation, evaluation and monitoring of the effects or alterations in natural systems or processes, in order to ensure the preservation of environmental quality. The establishment, expansion and operation of an enterprise lead to positive or negative changes which must be considered in environmental studies, and are also subject to legislative requirements.

IPT evaluates and identifies negative environmental impacts in the establishment and operation of enterprises, helping with preventive actions and maintaining ecosystems functioning, starting with an evaluation of the biotic environment. The studies in this area are integrated with evaluations of the physical environment processes.

IPT’s multidisciplinary teams analyze the environmental feasibility of a project and plan and execute projects, employing technologies with the lowest possible environmental impact on different scales.

Using geoprocessing tools, satellite image analysis and field evaluations, the dynamics of plant cover are analyzed, looking for increased efficiency in planning soil use, in defining the area of influence of projects and in mitigating damage to wildlife and plants.

Environmental indicators for evaluation of processes and monitoring of biotic environments in urban areas and forests are developed and applied.