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Forest projects for carbon fixation and generation of carbon credits

The global market for carbon credits has grown significantly in recent years. In forestry-based industry, greenhouse gas inventory projects, especially of carbon dioxide, are considered important components for adding value to products, increasing competitiveness in the sustainability market.

The role of forests as carbon sinks requires information to underpin a strategic analysis of potential areas for their installation, as well as the definition of forest species and technologies for the creation of forestry projects along the lines of the Mechanism for Clean Development (MCD) of the Kyoto protocol, and other mechanisms.

IPT develops projects for quantifying emissions and estimates of carbon sequestration in the forestry-based industry, preparing emission inventories along MCD guidelines or non-Kyoto markets. These projects define limits and goals for neutralization and compensation of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Institute proposes the application of methodologies for the establishment of standards and criteria, previously identified for quantification of emissions, the definition of native or exotic forest species plantations and the monitoring of sequestration rates. These rates and the quantification of sequestered carbon can generate carbon credits or simply compensate emissions.