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Analysis and design of horizontal directional drilling

The Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technique is used for the installation of duct lines, eliminating the need for open surface ditches and work areas. The purpose of this technique is to reduce impacts resulting from installation in environmentally sensitive areas or socioeconomic impacts on urban areas. It is applied in river crossings, mangrove swamps, native forests, surf-breaking areas on beaches, roads, railway lines and urban areas.

The success of this type of work, particularly of large projects, depends on adequate planning, which involves a study of routes, surface and geological and geotechnical investigation, detailed project preparation (geometry, pilot-well and enlargements, duct loads, fluid pressures, type of drilling fluid, etc.) and dimensioning of equipment and tools. Preparation of contingency and emergency plans is fundamental to this type of work

IPT’s qualified multidisciplinary teams enable it to work in various planning phases of a construction project.