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Conceptual mining projects and quality control of production processes

São Paulo is one of the five largest mineral goods producing states in Brazil, with mines of different sizes. A large part of the mining enterprises in the state, especially the smaller operations, have production projects that are technically inadequate if not totally rudimentary for the characteristics of the ore or mineral deposits.

This situation leads to the under-utilization of mineral resources, diminished corporate competitiveness and nonobservance of or difficulty in mitigating environmental impacts resulting from ore extraction and beneficiation.

To solve such problems, IPT develops conceptual mining and processing projects, indicating technological alternatives for methods and equipment, and technical, economic and environmental evaluation of the enterprise. In addition, IPT develops or evaluates production logistics and statistical quality control of products and production processes.

The prime beneficiary is the private sector, but the solutions to be implemented are of public interest and may therefore be considered for government incentives.