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CTGeo - Center for Geoenvironmental Technologies

The Center for Geoenvironmental Technologies (CTGeo) provides technological solutions aligned with the concepts of sustainability and energy efficiency, focusing on the public and private sectors.

CTGeo is organized to respond to the most varied demands in its areas of activity. Its team has a specialized and multidisciplinary profile and, using well equipped laboratories, conceives multiple correlated activities and develops specific technological solutions.

With its integrated problem solving perspective, CTGeo develops technologies and management projects, evaluates and monitors environmental impacts on enterprises and on water resources in urban and rural areas. CTGeo’s numerous projects include environmental evaluations and technological and site alternatives for enterprises, management plans for river basins and geotechnical charts and integrated recovery projects of degraded areas, using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geoprocessing.

CTGeo performs geological and geotechnical process investigations and evaluates associated risks; prepares geological and geotechnical risk management plans; intervention projects in risk areas; analysis, evaluation and management of industrial and occupational risks; technological investigation of losses and geophysical investigation of submerged environments.

Tests, development, innovation and consulting in industrial combustion, gasification, refrigeration, energy optimization and use of biomass for energy purposes are also carried out by CTGeo. On the environmental side, we highlight trials and studies to reduce emissions of atmospheric pollutants originating from combustion processes.

It also performs tests, evaluations, research and innovation in fuels, lubricants, combustion engines and vehicle propulsion systems, in addition to studies and tests for conformity of alternative fuels for automotive vehicles.

CTGeo develops processes for treating and adding value to solid industrial residues and pretreatment of organic residues (biomass), performance evaluation of equipment for treating industrial residues and technological characterization of ores and development of mineral processing technologies.

Laboratory and on-site tests are performed for the physicochemical characterization of soils and residues; for analysis and/or recovery of contaminated areas, making diagnoses based on numerical models and human risk models, to determine intervention goals in these areas, the respective remediation projects and their control through monitoring programs.

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