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CTMM - Center for Metallurgical and Materials Technologies

CTMM comprises competencies aimed at improving production processes, at the design and development of new technologies for production and application of materials and at the evaluation of the performance of materials. The mission is to provide technological solutions applicable to industrial processes and products in the areas of metallurgy and materials.

CTMM has a multidisciplinary team of qualified and recognized professionals and has extensive laboratory infrastructure to carry out R&D&I projects, technological services and testing / analyses. Its performance covers a wide field, from mathematical modeling to experimentation in pilot scale.

Teams and laboratorial structures of the CTMM are organized in two laboratories: Laboratory for Corrosion and Protection - LPC and Laboratory of Metallurgical Processes-LPM.

LCP deals with R&D&I activities, technological services and consulting, as well as testing and analyses. This set of activities includes microstructure characterization, evaluation of mechanical behavior and evaluation of corrosion behavior of materials and components. Among its areas of expertise, stand out: pipeline corrosion, cathodic protection systems, corrosivity of soils and fluids, failure analysis in components and coatings.

LPM deals with R&D&I activities, technological sevices and consulting aimed at the entire productive chain of the primary and secondary sectors of the metallurgical industry, including suppliers of raw materials (iron ore, for example) and equipment/parts (rolling mill rolls, for example).
Among its areas of expertise, stand out: steel industry, refining of metallic alloys, solidification and casting, mechanical working and ore treatment.

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