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NT-MPE - Nucleus for Technological Support to Small and Medium Enterprises

The Nucleus is dedicated to solving technical problems of Brazilian companies, mainly small and medium size firms, through technological extension and development programs aimed at increasing their competitiveness and strengthening them to penetrate new markets, including international markets. Support is given to individual companies and APLs (local production clusters) of various industrial sectors.

Main activities:
IPT’s mobile laboratory

Process and product improvement with mobile laboratory 

- PRUMO – Mobile Units Project. PRUMO is a support program aimed at technologically strengthening companies, especially micro and small enterprises, helping them advance their productive processes, improve their product quality and achieve incremental innovations. The service consists of a mobile laboratory equipped to perform tests and experiments on the companies’ premises. These units are operated by a team comprising an engineer and a technician, who spend two days at a factory to diagnose and solve its main technological problems with raw materials, processes and products.

PRUMO services the following industrial areas: 

  • Transformation of plastics, 
  • Wood and furniture,
  • Processing of rubber,
  • Leather and footwear,
  • Ceramics,
  • Surface treatment, and
  • Apparel.


- PROGEX – Technological Support Program for Exportation. The objective is to technologically strengthen mainly small and medium size Brazilian enterprises. The program contributes to their insertion and growth in the international market while simultaneously reducing their failure rate as exporters. The program focuses on adapting products to comply with the specific requirements of a given foreign market, regarding aspects such as:
  • quality improvement,
  • cost reduction,
  • packaging,
  • design,
  • compliance with technical standards,
  • technical qualification for international certification,
  • compliance with requirements and overcoming of “technical barriers”.

Domestic market

- QUALIMINT – Technical qualification for the improvement of products of different areas, directed at the domestic market. The objective is to contribute to increase a company’s competitiveness, meeting the demands of the Brazilian market and, whenever possible, improving its technical standards to enable it to compete with similar imported products. The service prioritizes the following aspects:
  • Technical qualification for national certification (INMETRO, ANVISA, etc.),
  • Compliance with national technical standards,
  • Fulfilling the requirements of governmental bodies such as Regulatory Agencies and Ministries.

Production management 

- GESPRO – Production Management. This service, which consists of technological support to identify and solve production bottlenecks, involves aspects such as: 

  • delivery time
  • costs
  • productivity
  • balancing production capacity
  • industrial flowcharts

Whenever possible, this technological support to micro, small and medium enterprises is financed by grants for 80% of the total amount, while the company covers approximately 20% of the cost of this service.

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